Saturday, March 19, 2011

Timely Thoughts

Sitting in Chapters, trying to focus on a new post which is of some value to the ether. It is amazing how a few short weeks can change the entire dynamic of the planet. The world can change so rapidly as to make one's current words meaningless as events unfold at lightening speed. If nothing else, the popular uprising in the Middle East has shown us that the people do in fact have more power than the rulers, and that a concerted effort by the masses can bring about unprecedented change in very short order.

These world changing events must be watched with some degree of alarm in the Western world, where the masses are controlled through propaganda that tells them they have a wonderful life when it is clear that they do not. The statistics on distribution of wealth in the USA, for example, and the lack of access for people to basic human requirements such as food, housing and healthcare, show undeniable similarities to the problems in the social order that have led to the dethroning of Mubarak in Egypt, and the flames of revolt in much of the Arab world.

Empires are built on beliefs, and these beliefs are enforced through faith. Faith, by its nature, is destroyed by the availability of facts, as faith is a belief that is held despite the availability of evidence. Unfortunately for the current rulers, access to the internet has allowed the masses to question beliefs that were previously unquestionable. The 'Big Picture' can be viewed by all. Politicians and media pundits no longer have a monopoly on 'The Truth', and in fact they are frequently disinclined to even speak openly, as their 'facts' do not accord with reality. Political leaders would prefer not to be questioned, not to be challenged, and would have us revert to a time when they controlled 'facts', so that they could go about their business unfettered.

There is an old fable about the Emperor who did not wear any clothes, and how it takes a child to point this out. The reason of course that no one has pointed out that our Emperor's wear no clothes is fear. We are all part of the delusional system which keeps us in bondage, and no one wishes to expose the Emperors for fear of the future, and the chaos which would surely follow.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, we are reaching a tipping point. It has become evident to all that many of our leaders are interested only in power, and in enriching themselves. It is impossible to put this genie of knowledge back in the bottle. It is also clear that the disparity between the rich and the poor threatens the survival of the whole system. The general populace can only be subordinated for so long before the disenchantment reaches a point at which they will revolt. It is very convenient to blame external forces for social disruption in the Western world. It serves the purpose of the rulers to be able to restrict civil liberties, and eliminate rabble rousers, all in the name of protection of society. Addressing the real problems of unemployment, poverty, homelessness, and hunger would be much more of a challenge, and would require the wealthy to give up some of their extreme riches. This is not likely to happen as a result of humanitarian compassion. The End of Empire is upon us. One wonders what kind of event it will take in our own back yard to trigger such change in our own society.

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